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Welcome to the Warriors Unofficial Message Boards! Please review our updated rules.

Basic Rules

1. Be courteous – Do not insult, attack or tease, even if it’s just meant as a joke. Comments come across differently written than they do face-to-face, so what is funny to one might sound insulting to another.

2. No flaming, harassing, profanity, abusive language or abbreviations, personal attacks, racial, religious, ethnic, or other slurs. No discussions about religion, more adult topics or politics, not even in the Off Topic forum.

3. Spam, bumps, chain letters, advertisements, rants, excessive punctuation, inconsistent capitalization and slangy terms which others might not understand are not allowed. Remember also to stay on topic and not hijack other users’ threads.

4. Do not report players for frivolous reasons.

5. Never, ever give out personal information about yourself while online! Personal info includes your full name, address (physical or email), phone number, instant messaging name, etc. Don't post links to any of your personal websites. By the same token, do not ask others for their personal information. Also, we recommend that you do not use your real (full) name. Be creative! Come up with a fun screen name for the site.

Post Content Rules

1. Kit killing is not allowed in any forum. Also, users are not allowed to have slaves or participate in kit stealing in clans that do not allow it.

2. Only post artwork that you created or pictures you personally took. You CANNOT post images that you do not own. Even if you altered the art or photos, this does not make it your own. Bannermaker and glitter site images are not allowed.

3. Post in the correct forum. If you are not sure if your topic belongs in a specific forum, read the forum description posted in each area. If still unsure, you are welcome to ask in FAQs.

4. We have included a note that spoilers may appear in each of the forums, but as a courtesy to others, please include the word "Spoilers" in the subject line of your post if you are going to discuss anything that could be considered a spoiler. That way, people who haven’t read all the books in a series can easily steer clear of any threads that might give away information they don’t want to know about just yet.

We make every effort to keep an eye on the boards and remove questionable content. However, if you see comments that are not following our guidelines, please report the post to an administrator or moderator.

We reserve the right to delete or move posts with no advance warning. Obviously, we will do so if the content isn’t appropriate based on the board guidelines, but we will also delete posts from time to time to save space.

Please post any non-Warrior messages in the Off-Topic forum. This includes role playing that is not Cat related. All Cat related role playing belongs in either Warriors Fan Clans.

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